This year in Reading Workshop student will be asked to recall many skills learned last year and we will work together to discover new strategies to help them become better fiction and non-fiction readers.
   Many of the routines established in previous years will still be expected of 4th graders. Students at home and school could always be found doing the following:

1. Maintaining a Reading Log every night!
2. Read AT LEAST 30 minutes a night.
3. React to books in their Reader's Notebook by stopping and jotting.

It is important that your child has a routine at home for reading and that they are recording it to show their teachers that they are completing it. Establishing a routine and building stamina with reading is an important part of putting your child on the path to success. You should also see your child's Reader's Notebook every night. This could be one of the most important tasks every night for homework!

If you would like to level your books
 at home;
visit Scholastic Book Wizard and search for the guided reading level